Staff Software Developer

Anar Bayramov

  • English
  • Azerbaijani
  • Turkish
  • Russian

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Software engineer with 15 years of experience currently based in Berlin, Germany. I've helped growing various products and teams in highly demanding environments.

  • Expertise in designing scalable, cost effective, high performance SAAS solutions.
  • Leading development efforts from initial phase to production environment.
  • Mentoring teams and individuals to grow on their career.
  • Quick adaptation to ever changing priorities while keeping focus on the bigger picture.
  • Passion for developing engineering culture, team motivation and user driven engineering practices.
  • Away from that, I'm also passionate nature/landscape photographer and outdoor sports enthusiast. I have worked on various type of photography projects including famous nature journals, weddings, models and products. You can check my photos on my Instagram.

    Working Experience

    • Getsafe (2023 - ) - Staff Backend Developer (Berlin - Germany)
      • Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Redis, Datadog, Webhooks, REST.
      • Established an AI infrastructure to meet diverse company requirements, achieving rapid deployment from inception to production using AWS Bedrock.
      • Leading the project team in orchestrating the migration of production services and databases, from Heroku to AWS
      • Oversaw architectural improvements for current CRM solutions that led to reducing duplicate users over 35% percent.
      • Migration of Production and Staging Services from Heroku to AWS
      • Multiple engineering process initiatives to improve developer happiness, performance and efficiency.
      • Drove engineering roadmaps in collaboration with VP of Product, VP of Engineering, Legal, and Support Teams.
      • Support organizational excellence by helping developers and bringing past experience.
    • Shopify (2019 - 2023) - Senior Backend Developer (Berlin - Germany)
      • Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Mysql, GraphQL, Docker, Elastic Search, Redis, Datadog, Splunk,Kafka, Webhooks, REST.
      • Leading over 15 technical projects for EU compliance, BFCM readiness, B2B marketplace and retail.
      • Development of highly scalable and maintainable solutions.
      • Contributed to improve retail engineering processes.
      • Participate on retail craft to define engineering processes.
      • Worked closely with Product, UX, Legal, Support teams to drive engineering roadmaps.
      • Interviewed over 100 candidates, onboarded and mentored key engineering talent.
    • Maximum (2017 - 2019) - Staff Backend Developer (Shanghai - China)
      • Tech Stack: Python, Wagtail, Django, PHP Laravel, Mysql, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Docker, CouchDB, PostgreSql, Bitbucket CI.
      • Leading development of custom employer branding solutions for enterprise companies.
      • Devops foundation for company wide deployment and resillience.
      • Developed code boilerplates and generators for engineering teams.
    • IT Consultis (2015 - 2017) - Senior Backend Developer (Shanghai - China)
      • Tech Stack: Laravel, Drupal 8, WeChat Payment, Wechat API, Docker, CouchDB.
      • Developed of custom web, wechat and headless apps for Chinese enterprise companies.
      • Tech design, code and project review.
    • Multiple Positions (2008 - 2016) - Freelance Developer
      • Tech Stack: Python, Laravel, Mysql, CouchDB, Boostrap, Vagrant, Docker, Slim, C, C++, LibSVM, DLib, ZeroMQ, CAPRA, OpenCV, Snap7, QT, GDK.
      • Deliver high quality real time image processing and computer vision applications for Turkish defense industry.
      • Custom web applications and services for local market such as inventory management, online exam platform, school automation, wedding wizard.